Compression Science

Merlin Powder Characterisation uses specialist equipment and the latest scientific techniques to investigate the compressibility of powders and formulations.

Explore the benefits of having access to high speed compaction data for your products on laboratory scale samples.

Speed up the decision making process with high quality predictive methods.

Formulation and manufacturing experience linking science to commercial manufacturing methods.

Material Science characterisation for quantitative physical assessments of new materials.

R&D measurements to support latest computer modelling techniques.

Equipment list

  • Phoenix Hydraulic Compaction Simulator with full range of accessories.
  • Schulze Shear Cell for powder flow and wall friction testing
  • Turbula blender and small scale formulation capabilities
  • Helium Pychnometry for true density measurement
  • Tapped Density – For Carr’s Index
  • IR moisture balance for loss on drying

For more information about compression science, get in touch today by completing our online contact form here, by emailing, or by calling +44(0)1509 860 222.

  • Humidity chambers for moisture experiments
  • Friability tester
  • Disintegration tester
  • Analytical balance
  • Top pan balance
  • Tablet hardness tester (Crushing strength)

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