Bespoke testing

For those tricky compression problems, contact Merlin Powder Characterisation.

We will work with you to deliver a customised programme of testing, designed to answer our...
...questions and solve your problems using the latest technology and expertise in compaction science.

Formulation design

Merlin can carry out small scale manufacture and compaction testing to help speed up your development process. Direct compression blends can be simply made using our Turbula T2 blender.

Roller compaction simulation

Dry granulation methods are important for the creation of materials with suitable flow and density properties for tabletting. The quality of the final tablet is dependent upon the properties of the granules, in particular, the porosity profiles of the ribbons produced. The compaction simulator can be used to simulate a roller compactor, using small batches of formulation. Compacts of known density are prepared which are milled to form granules to assess granule compactability. A formulation assessment can be made with as little as 50-100g of formulation.

QbD – Quality by Design

Quality by Design is changing the way in which formulations are developed. Compaction Simulators are ideal tools to make quantitative measurement relating to manufacturability. Screening of formulations to assess:

  • Tabletability
  • Compactability
  • Compressibility
  • Ejection forces

The process can be carried out with small samples (~15g) making it ideal for matrix experimental design projects early in tablet development.


Already have your own in-house capability but struggling with resource? Merlin can help, with the flexibility and capability to adapt methods to match you preferred protocols.

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