Manufacturability Prediction

Compaction simulators are powerful  tools  to predict the manufacturability of potential tablet products.

Compaction & press simulation can help reduce tablet capping and lamination, there’s decades worth of research in the area and better understanding leads to better prediction.

Compaction simulators can operate at a wide range of speeds from laboratory experiments taking minutes to high speed compacts made in 0.1 second.

Formulation scale-up assessment

Merlin can help identify potential manufacturing compression issues at the product formulation stage while there is still time to make changes, making costly scale-up disasters a thing of the past.  De-risk your chances of scale-up issues by compressing the powder at production speeds using production press profiles. You can assess the suitability of your product with as little as 20g of development formulation, compared with manufacturing much larger quantities of expensive material required to run a press only to find that it does not make a good tablet.

The development formulation is compressed over a range of compaction forces and compression forces, densities and compact properties measured.  The results are compared to key performance indicators to assess scale up risk.

Press simulations

Using the Phoenix press-profiler software Merlin can replicate the effects of a wide range of production presses. If you want peace of mind to know if your formulation will work on your preferred press at your target speed, it can be done.

Tooling trials

When trying out new tablet shapes, it can be expensive to buy a full set of tools.  A compaction simulator can be used to assess the tooling and compact properties using only one set – saving money and time.  We can use any standard B, D and F configurations.

Roller compaction simulation

Merlin can help you design your optimum roller compaction product. We can simulate the roller densification process to generate data on small amounts of powder. This is especially useful if material is in short supply or there are time constraints. We can measure key density and compression factors to guide your development process.

Tablet capping and lamination

Assess the factors which cause tablet capping and lamination to improve your formulation or manufacturing processes.

Troubleshoot production issues to understand the causes of compression issues.

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